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By MARYA SALAMAT Bulatlat.com MANILA – The government’s transport offices have not yet begun to abide by a court’s decision to stop implementing its “illegal and excessive money-making scheme,” they have come up with another plan that, critics from transport groups said, has the same money-making goal. Transport group Piston criticized as another ”money-making scheme”…

The Baguio Regional Trial Court concluded that “the tremendous increase in the fines and charges, for as much as 1,200 percent was more of a revenue measure, rather than of regulation” and thus, not within the power of the Land Transportation Office to do and is therefore, “unconstitutional.”

Progressive groups are criticizing the Independent Oil Price Review Committee for limiting itself to ‘surface data’ and refusing to delve deeper into the supply contracts and inventories of oil companies; for starting from the assumption that the Oil Deregulation Law is for the people’s benefit; and for relying on data ‘voluntarily supplied’ by oil companies.

Sidebar:Probe on findings of Independent Oil Price Review Committee urged