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Academic freedom through Edel Garcellano’s criticism, (re)reading, and partisanship*

Neoliberal ideology marks the class struggle as a thing of the past. We are in the era of post-politics, as it were. No more class struggle, no more revolution, there is nothing to redistribute at a time when productivity is at its highest in the whole history of capitalism. Yet class struggle is raging in the peripheries and semi-colonies. That people are massively incarcerated, abused, brutalized by the police, rendered homeless with no access to health care and proper nutrition is also a sign of class struggle, especially considering how Occupy America’s one percent thrives precisely because of all that human misery.

Halad sa kaadlawan

By TOMAS TALLEDO Hukas na mangitngit nga kadulom Kay mabatian hutik sang kaagahon Ang taliwis nga busilak sa Sidlangan Nagakihad itum nga kalangit-langitan Sa pagtukod rebulto sang mga bagani Bonifacio, Luna, Mabini: mga halad Sa rebolusyon nga nagapadayon Subong, magaatubang sa Bulutlakan Ang ila matadlong nga mga panulok Walay pangalag-ag, walay kahadluk Buhi sa dughan…

WANTED: New Women of the NPA

This testimony focuses on Mary, Recca, Tin and Tanya who went to the University of the Philippines-Diliman. As activists and eventually as part of the revolutionary NPA, these women forged their identities by fighting across lines of interlocking oppressions. This account cannot give justice to their work. Rather, my goal is to talk about how revolution looks like in the lives of these revolutionary women.