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“This is a grotesque and irresponsible display of insensitivity to the Filipino people who suffered and have been victimized under Martial Law,” Marie Hilao-Enriquez, a martial law victim and secretary general of Selda, said of the tribute by the Cultural Center of the Philippines to the wife of the dictator Marcos.

Analysis Talk is rife that the Arroyo government would proclaim martial law, especially after the series of bombings that rocked several parts of the Philippines. However, the Arroyo regime sorely lacks the factors that enabled the dictator Ferdinand Marcos to successfully impose martial rule. The bottomline: if Arroyo declares martial law, she would be adding fuel to the fire of the people’ anger.

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Analysis Bulatlat MANILA — First, they made sure that House Resolution 1109 was passed before Congress went into recess. The attendance during the voting was one of the highest in the history of the Lower House. There were reports that after the voting, there was a long queue of legislators leading to…

The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant symbolized the corruption and excesses of the Marcos dictatorship. The Arroyo administration is now trying to revive it. But those who participated in the 1985 “welgang bayan” that helped shut down the plant are reviving the passion and spirit of that landmark protest to oppose the present regime’s plan.

Ang skandalo ay paratihang nandito. Hindi ito nawawala, bagkus ito nga ang katangian ng sinumang presidente bilang pagsipat sa mas malakihang krisis sa bansa. Normal ang skandalo. Abnormal ang kawalan nito. Sa pagkakataon ni Arroyo, ang skandalo ay nagiging malaking bitak sa pambansang krisis, na siyang makakapagdulot ng skandalo, na tulad kina Marcos at Estrada,…