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PRESS RELEASE February 22, 2011 A militant group of young workers, professionals, and students urged their counterparts in the military to ‘rethink’ their values following a series of exposês regarding corruption in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. “While ordinary soldiers, many of them youths like us, are dying in the field of battle, their…

Former Air Force Captain Joenel S. Pogoy, who spent two years in detention after being court-martialed for exposing corruption in the Air Force, says corruption in the military is worse than what is publicly known. The truth is, he says, many military officers — from the time they are still lieutenants to the time they become generals — are being taught by unscrupulous superiors to become corrupt.

Equally troublesome is the media tendency to speculate on Reyes’ state of mind, his reasons for his apparent suicide, and even who’s to blame for it (as the weekend approached, the Senate was turning into the villain responsible). While nothing much can be gained from it, the cost of this mindlessness is to bury under tons of verbal garbage the need to get to the bottom of the corruption metastasizing in an institution that claims national security as its exclusive mandate. By LUIS V. TEODORO / bulatlat.com

It should be remembered that the corruption scandals that involved the Arroyo family were the subject of so many congressional inquiries and were made as basis for the impeachment complaints that were filed against former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. There are already numerous evidences that were gathered. And yet, the Aquino government has not yet demonstrated the political will to run after the Arroyo family. By BENJIE OLIVEROS / bulatlat.com

News Release February 8, 2011   Pagbabago! People’s Movement for Change today said that the apparent suicide of General Angelo Reyes should compel authorities probing alleged massive corruption within the military to step up their investigation and make those accountable to answer for their crimes.   Disclaimer | What you are reading is either a…