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Left to discuss peace talks resumption with VP Leni

Recently-appointed NDFP Negotiating Panel interim Chairperson Julie de Lima said the Left should “engage the (GRP’s) constitutional successor to press for the resumption of the peace negotiation as a rallying point in the effort to oust [GRP President Rodrigo] Duterte,” the Communist Party of the Philippines’ Ang Bayan reported.

SAP exaggerated, millions left behind

  The inadequacy of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) underscores the government’s failure to address the plight of the most vulnerable Filipinos in the time of COVID-19. Related story: With P606B budget for COVID-19 response, aid largely unfelt By XANDRA LIZA C. BISENIO Ibon Foundation It has been over 130 days since the start of…

With P606B budget for COVID-19 response, aid largely unfelt

“The government have the funds but why not utilize it for aid? They have the machinery but the process has been slow. They (government) prioritized the Anti-Terror Law and term extension than the people’s stomach.” By ANNE MARXE D. UMIL MANILA – In almost five months, Filipinos have been confronting not only the deadly…