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With Duterte’s TRAIN, poor pay higher taxes so rich can take home more

The overwhelming majority of Filipinos do not get any income tax benefits from TRAIN. Most of the country’s total 22.7 million families do not pay income tax because they are just minimum wage earners or otherwise in informal work with low and erratic incomes. Even if TRAIN reduces income taxes paid by most of the reported 7.5 million personal income taxpayers, this still leaves as much as 15.2 million families without any income tax gains.

Killing in the name of Duterte’s Crackdown

By DLS PINEDA This administration has lost its capacity to surprise. One year and a half, hundreds of broken promises, and fourteen thousand drug-related deaths since Duterte took oath, the biggest surprise is that we’re no longer surprised with what’s going on. So when 10 activists are killed within Sunday and Monday, and when the…

Opinion | Why I want Martial Law declared in the Philippines

I want martial law declared because I want corruption and greed to proliferate in the country. I want ten billion dollars in the hands of the dictator and his family and billions more in the pockets of cronies. I want the government to be the milking cow of corrupt politicians and military officers who want to enrich themselves by pocketing the taxes I and other ordinary people like me put in the public coffers. So what if they get rich stealing from me? I always loved that Robin Hood character, except under martial law it will be the rich stealing from the poor. What’s so wrong with that?

By LUIS V. TEODORO Vantage Point | BusinessWorld Some Filipinos probably thought that the family members of Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. were speaking metaphorically when they complained about the infestation of “rats and roaches” in Revilla’s detention cell in the Philippine National Police Custodial Center. But they were being literal, and were not referring…

Master’s tools (Notes on cynicism, labor, finance capital, and the art industry)

The current economic crisis under global capitalism is worsening at a speed that even its most shrewd and sneaky economic managers have not succeeded in slowing it down. But its cultural managers scattered in key institutions still talk of the existing order as if it were a result of some divine ordination. For them, the present can only be deemed as the end of a historical progression that has reached its ultimate peak so that an alternative vision can only be a threat to civilization.

Blood rush over bloodbaths | Still killing and dying for Hacienda Luisita

Twenty seven years ago on January 22, 1987, 10,000-15,000 marching farmworkers of Hacienda Luisita and land reform advocates were met with bullets as they bravely wagered for land, labor, and life. This fatal encounter, now known as the Mendiola Massacre, between farmworkers and the state is a scandalous event that instantly killed 13 protesters, the same event that made a premature break with the new regime’s professed democratic restoration after the dark years of Martial Law.