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Protect mental health amid government lockdown, doctor urges

“We should have physical distancing, but let us not forget that we should have social connectiveness, because we need to connect with others in order to sustain our sanity especially at this time when we are experiencing the insensitivity of the government in terms of the needs of the people.”

‘Inaccessible,’ ‘exclusionary’ DOLE cash assistance criticized

Four in ten of the almost 2,000 respondents on their online survey claimed they haven’t received any assistance yet from DOLE due to inefficiencies in its process, while 23 percent claimed their applications were not processed by their respective employers.

‘Hold Sen. Pimentel accountable for breaching quarantine protocol’ – rights group

“Where was this ‘human compassion’ when the homeless and the urban poor were subjected to warrantless arrests, inhumane detention in dog cages, or being made to sit under the sun as punishment for simply being outside their homes for the need to earn living or for simply having no home at all?”