BLOOD RUSH By SARAH RAYMUNDO A young woman of 26 had just finished her postgraduate degree in the Humanities. A very promising academic career awaited her application to the faculty of the humanities in a reputable public university known for its radical tradition. Her knowledge and grasp of feminist theory and literature have earned…

Master’s tools (Notes on cynicism, labor, finance capital, and the art industry)

The current economic crisis under global capitalism is worsening at a speed that even its most shrewd and sneaky economic managers have not succeeded in slowing it down. But its cultural managers scattered in key institutions still talk of the existing order as if it were a result of some divine ordination. For them, the present can only be deemed as the end of a historical progression that has reached its ultimate peak so that an alternative vision can only be a threat to civilization.

Blood rush over bloodbaths | Still killing and dying for Hacienda Luisita

Twenty seven years ago on January 22, 1987, 10,000-15,000 marching farmworkers of Hacienda Luisita and land reform advocates were met with bullets as they bravely wagered for land, labor, and life. This fatal encounter, now known as the Mendiola Massacre, between farmworkers and the state is a scandalous event that instantly killed 13 protesters, the same event that made a premature break with the new regime’s professed democratic restoration after the dark years of Martial Law.