From fishing villages to Lumad sanctuaries, a war against nature continues to be waged

As with the Haran standoff and the tensions in Taliptip, state security forces were linked to at least 57 percent of the victims we recorded. It must be thus questioned why the military and other state security forces are zeroing in on these areas, with crosshairs trained at defenders. Are these really peace and order operations, or deadly investment guarantees?

Enough of Duterte’s cesspool politics

By LEON DULCE KALIBUTAN MANILA — The vividly crass mouth of President Rodrigo Duterte supplies the perfect word to describe his administration’s environmental policy: ‘Cesspool.’ This is how Duterte described the pollution crisis in Boracay island to project a sense of urgency in his marching orders to close down the island. Duterte’s subordinates quickly went…