First Person | Baby blues

Will the courts show compassion and grant Ina provisional liberty so she could care for and nurse her baby girl somewhere safe? Will they recognize Ina’s right to breastfeed her child who equally has the right to her breastmilk? Ina’s breastmilk is her baby girl’s natural immunization and best source of nourishment, especially at this time when her organs have not fully matured and there is a raging pandemic.

Ni JHIO JAN A. NAVARRO Yanig at nginig ng isla’y hiwatig Ng hapis ng Kanlaon, ng muhi Na pinagningas ng pangangamkam Ng lupa’t labis na danak ng dugo. Kislap ng luhang nangingilid Ang andap sa tuktok Sa tuwinang ili-ili ay inaawit upang Aluin ang mga sanggol na sa dulo Ng kuwarenta y cinco’y pinagkaitan Ng…

Performance art at ang sining para sa pakikiisa sa gitna ng pandemya

Ni BOYET DE MESA Naglunsad ng apat na performance solidarity event ang Solidarity in Performance Art Festival (SIPAF) nitong lockdown: #Ekinoks (Marso 20, 2020), #Igpaw: Solidarity in Performance for Health Workers, (Abril 8 ), #MaAyo Uno, Solidarity performance for workers/OFW ) at ang #AnoNewNormal: Performance Solidarity Against Anti-Terror Bill (Hunyo 4). Ang Performance Solidarity ay…

Activism hits BTS fandom

Fast track this to the current Duterte regime and the Filipino artists, in the mainstream or alternative circles, continue to fight for causes, even at the risk of being red-tagged and branded a “terrorist”. They have lent their names and influence and, whenever necessary, appeared in media or in crowds to fight for democracy and justice, very recently against the so-called Anti-Terrorism Bill which could be worse than martial law. In a way they have become idols of resistance, raising the awareness of their fans and encouraging them to fight for their own rights as citizens.

Balik-Tanaw | Pentecost: Fear No One

It’s hard to be a prophet; it is difficult to tell and live by the truth, to raise our voice and denounce what is wrong. It is more comfortable to remain at the margins in silence and pretend not to see and hear what is happening, or to let the others talk. Still, if one wants a real change in our society, a community faithful to the Gospel and more docile to the spirit, if one aspires to a newness of life, prophets are needed. Like Jeremiah, may we have the courage to say what the Lord tells us, even at the risk of life.

In lockdown: Kings of the road sidelined

“We don’t want aid, what we need is to get our livelihood back. What can we get from the government’s aid? A few kilos of rice and cans of sardines? Those aren’t even enough to feed our family for a day. Our request is to get our livelihood back, we’re not expecting the government to help us, so can they at least allow us to help ourselves?”

Duterte is a paper tiger in strategic terms and is in the process of being torn apart

In their tens of millions, the workers, peasants and the lower middle class are hungry and angry at the Duterte regime and are eager to move against it. The professionals and entrepreneurs have been deprived of income and have fallen into debt and bankruptcy and are ready to join the toiling masses in concerted actions to protest and make demands. Even the big compradors and landlords who are not his close collaborators now consider him a plague worse than the COVID-19 virus.