Month: November 2018

One Billion Rising 2019 launched

MANILA — Hundreds of women from different organizations gathered on Sunday morning, Nov. 25 to formally launch One Billion Rising (OBR) 2019 at Luneta Park in Manila. The event’s theme: Babae ako, Lumalaban sa Abuso. Present at the launch was former Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares who expressed continuing solidarity in eliminating violence against women.…

The challenges to fraternities

Our unities should be based on the recognition that our enemies are not each other but the oppressive state. We have seen this when the fraternities of UP declared fratwar, not against each other but a fratwar against budget cuts, fratwar against Lumad killings, or the frat war against tyranny and fascism.

9 years after Ampatuan Massacre, still no justice

“And while a closure to this tragedy is most welcome, we stress that it should not in any way detract from the State’s continued accountability for its continued failure to bring an end to the threats and attacks against journalists and to give justice to the more than 100 other victims of media killings since 1986.”

Misreading the news media

Denmark’s Ambassador to the Philippines said he “reads” the media, but has apparently been misreading them. He said “some media” are “systematically negative” in their reporting on the government, but his subsequent statements sounded as if he was describing most, or even all of them. If anything can be said about the news media today,…

Groups hit ‘treacherous’ Duterte-Xi Jinping meet

By JANESS ANN J. ELLAO MANILA – Progressive groups here have assailed the meeting between President Rodrigo Duterte and Chinese president Xi Jinping as a treachery as the agreements signed between the two leaders will not benefit the Filipino people. On Nov. 20, Duterte welcomed the Chinese leader in Manila for a two-day state…