Migrant rights advocates slam early release of ‘remorseless’ employer who tortured Indonesian domestic worker

(Photo courtesy of Josie Patawaran / Bulatlat.com)


MANILA — A migrant rights advocates group has asked Hong Kong authorities to explain the early prison release of the convicted employer of Indonesian migrant worker Erwiana Sulistyaningsih who was tortured back in 2014.

In a statement, the Justice for Erwiana and all Migrant Domestic Workers Committee said Erwiana’s former employer Law Wan Tung did not show remorse for what she has inflicted on the Indonesian migrant worker and has “completely refused to acknowledge the court-proven facts of torture she did to Erwiana.”

“Much like how she wanted to cover up her crime by trying to hurriedly fly Erwiana – with her severely battered body – back to Indonesia, Tung and her lawyer heaped a barrage of appeals and legal challenges in order to avoid paying for the damages she inflicted to the life and future of Erwiana,” the group said.

Her employee Tung was convicted in 2015 and has just finished serving half her prison sentence when released. This, the group said, “is salt to the wound of injustice that Erwiana still is experiencing.”

Justice for abused Indonesian domestic worker in Hong Kong – migrants’ group

The Justice for Erwiana and all Migrant Domestic Workers Committee described Tung as “remorseless.”

The group said that Erwiana is still reeling from the impact that the torture left on her and has yet to put her life together.

They added, “compounded by her arrogance and refusal to compensate Erwiana, Tung should be made to serve her full sentence, fully compensate Erwiana, and pay back what she owes to the Hong Kong public.” (Bulatlat.com)

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