Demolition in San Juan, among the most violent

As for blaming the progressive organizations for the violence that erupted, Alyansa Kontra Demolisyon said, “We ask him: When does helping the oppressed became a crime?”

“Truly, the support of other groups has contributed to the residents’ strong resistance against the demolition. But the Ejercito administration should not underestimate the dismay and rage of his constituents that will later take its toll on the political career of his family,” the urban poor alliance said in its statement.

Casiño said it is “natural for residents to defend their homes and properties from destruction especially if they have nowhere to go to and their livelihood is also threatened.”

Kilusang Mayo Uno said it is the city and national governments, not the progressive organizations, who forced the residents of Corazon de Jesus to use force in barring the demolition teams from entering their community.

“The country’s urban poor are resorting to force because of the Aquino government’s overkill in using violence against urban poor residents who are defending their homes and communities from demolition,” the progressive labor center added in its statement.

Call for an indefinite moratorium on demolition

We vow to make our defense even stronger against every demolition of our homes nationwide,” Alyansa Kontra Demolisyon added, “We vow to make the Aquino administration accountable for being a staunch endorser of ‘development programs’ under his Public-Private Partnership Program, at the expense of the basic rights of the people.”

Meanwhile, Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap called for a nationwide indefinite moratorium on demolition of urban poor communities. It dared Chief Justice Corona to issue a temporary restraining order on the rampant demolition of urban poor communities all over the country.

“The violent demolition in Corazon de Jesus would only bring adverse publicity to Aquino who has been doing almost everything to cover up its failure to address the worsening poverty of its people, including the impeachment case against the chief justice,” Kadamay secretary general Gloria Arellano said.

Bayan Muna and Kabataan Partylist also called for a moratorium on demolitions. “The demolition in Barangay Corazon de Jesus is a condemnable act that should have no place in a country that claims to be democratic and on the path to progress,” Kabataan Rep. Raymond Palatino said.

“It is an exact repetition of the violence that erupted in the same community just a year ago, including the use of tear gas to penetrate the barricade of the residents and illegal arrests of community leaders,” she added. “This government has continued on using brute force to win over the collective defense of the residents.”

Progressive organizations and the residents of Corazon de Jesus will continue their fight for their rights despite the demolition. Anakbayan, for one, is planning to hold big protest actions against the series of violent demolitions of urban poor homes. The youth group is also calling onthe Aquino government to stop all demolition plans.

As for Garsain, he said he is not demoralized by their seeming failure to defend their homes. For now, the small alley of P. Narciso right in front of their community would serve as their home. He insisted that their family would never accept the relocation site as it would equate to death.

“We saw how hard it took for the police to get through our barricades. And we are proud of that. It illustrates how despite all the machinery of the local government, they cannot just step down on our rights easily.” Pages: 1 2 3