Rep. Mikey Arroyo Disqualified from Partylist: Violates 90 day membership rule under the Party list law

Press Release
February 25, 2010

“The intention of presidential son Rep. Mikey Arroyo to run under the party list system is not only the height of absurdity reflective of the Arroyo family’s obsession to hold on to power at all cost but is also an illegal distortion of the party list system”, Bayan Muna Party list Rep. Neri Javier Colmenares declared today. “Rep. Arroyo cannot pretend to represent the marginalized and underrepresented, worse he is disqualified under the Party list law” he added.

Bayan Muna has indicted the Arroyo family for anti people policies. “The Arroyos are the nemesis of all marginalized sectors and in fact has contributed to the marginalization of the marginalized with their policies that impoverish the farmers, workers, urban poor and other poor sectors all over the country” explained Rep. Colmenares. Rep. Arroyo can never claim to be marginalized nor represent the marginalized.

Rep. Colmenares added that “Section 9 of RA 7941 or the party list law requires that a nominee “must be a member of the party or organization he seeks to represent for at least ninety days before the election”.

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Rep. Arroyo during an interview with the media on February 15, 2010 declared that he has not chosen from among the five party list groups inviting him to be their nominee. This means that there is no way he can meet the requirement of membership to fulfil this requirement since the 90 day period has passed. “Any party list group that will antedate his membership will face criminal charges for falsification of document, I promise that” he added.

“There will be five Arroyos in Congress in 2010 if the people will allow Mikey to run under the party list system” said Rep. Colmenares, “Iggy Arroyo, Datu Arroyo, Mikey Arroyo, Marilou Arroyo who sits in
Congress representing another party list group and the mother of the clan Gloria Arroyo”, a political dynasty if any, that directly contravenes the Constitution”.

“Kung ang eleksyon ay pakapalan lang ng mukha siguradong panalo na ang mga Arroyo, landslide pa” Rep.
Colmenares declared.

“Bayan Muna will definitely file a disqualification case against Mikey Arroyo the moment he files his nomination for the party list system not only on the ground that this is prohibited under the law but also for the “garapality” of the scheme”, he promised. “The Arroyo era is about to end. Public officials who will continue to violate the law in support of the Arroyos will surely get the ire of the people and may end up criminally charged in court together with the Arroyos.

It is now time for them to abandon the sinking Arroyo ship”, he concluded.

Reference: Rep. Neri Colmenares

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