New Labor-Export Policy Commodifies Filipinos

Mirgrante International also noted a growing preference to women migrant workers. Martinez said the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (Tesda) is offering training courses to women to develop their skills to take on jobs that were formerly given to men such as welders, drivers, and mechanics.

“They prefer women since their labor is cheap. They are considered as second-class citizens in some countries. They have lower salaries compared to men,” Martinez said.

In dire need of action

Migrante International said because of the government’s dependence on labor export, it has neglected the real solution to the problem of unemployment in the Philippines. “Let’s go back to national industrialization and to generating jobs within the country,” Martinez said.

The president, he said. “should accept the fact that this Labor Export Program will not result in the development of the country. Only local jobs and genuine land reform can solve the crisis.”(

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