Privatization of Water Districts Bring High Water Prices, Massive Layoffs

According to Gaite, the government has plans of selling other water districts in the country as part of its privatization scheme.

However, members of the Water Systems Employees’ Response (WATER), the federation of employees’ unions and organizations in different water districts all over the country, said that they would continuously fight the privatization scheme of the government, not only to safeguard their jobs but to ensure that the Filipino people will have the best water services.

According to Rodrigo Aranjuez, national president of WATER, they cannot afford to see safe, affordable and accessible water for the people being sacrificed because of excessive profiteering by the government and private corporations.

He also said that privatization only breeds corruption due to kickbacks and payoffs, just to ensure the smooth delivery of public water utilities, to private and profit-oriented corporations. (

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