14 Activists Swim Manila Bay vs JPEPA

The lady senator said her condition also make reservations for future exceptions to at least three JPEPA articles containing national treatment and most favored nation clauses, which both grant Japanese the same rights as those accorded to Filipinos; and a performance requirement which imposes certain requirements for investment activities in the Philippines.

“Even if it is conditional, still the mindset of Senator Santiago is for the Senate to ratify this unfair economic agreement. Please allow us to remind Santiago that a willing slave like President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo cannot impose conditions on her master, and such line of thinking is like reviving the career of Alice who was last seen in Wonderland,” Pamalakaya stated.

The group stated that Japan will use its economic, political and military power and international advantage as an imperialist power to compel the Philippines to follow what are stipulated in the JPEPA and scrap all its conditions.

“The politically correct and only remaining option for the country is to score a giant kill against JPEPA and bury this economic pact six feet under,” Pamalakaya stated.

“What’s the big difference between conditional concurrence and concurrence? In the end, all these conditions set by Senator Santiago will be discussed and mangled in the table of negotiations away from public scrutiny. At the end of the day, Japan as the world’s No.2 economic giant will emerge as the big winner over the country’s patrimony, national interest and sovereignty,” Pamalakaya added.

“No amount of makeover will make the JPEPA acceptable. From start to finish, this agreement has been made not in heaven, but in the transnational corporate offices of Japan, so we expect things will not work for Filipinos but for the multinational agenda of big capitalists in the Land of the Rising Sun,” Pamalakaya said. Contributed to (Bulatlat.com)

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