Exclusive Witness to Subic Rape Case Breaks Silence

The other U.S. servicemen who rode the van could be considered “conspirators.”

“All of them contributed to the crime,” he said. “And that includes the driver.”

Colmenares has not met Olivia but based his comments on this reporter’s account of the interview with the witness.

Something missing

The human rights lawyer however said there is “something missing”. “I believe the police is keeping something,” he said.

Colmenares said there is a big possibility that the police already had custody of the six U.S. servicemen after the crime had been committed.

He pointed out that nobody could have gotten the full names of the six accused if the police were not able to interview the suspects face-to face.

He said the victim could not have taken all their names because she was drunk. Neither did the driver because nobody registers the full names of his/her companions when renting a vehicle, he added.

A hearing is set at the Olongapo City Municipal Trial Court on Nov. 23.


It took two nights, two days before Olivia agreed to be interviewed. She rejected Bulatlat’s request twice. But after some prodding, she finally agreed to tell what she knew about the biggest rape scandal involving American soldiers to hit the country after the rape case of 12-year old Rosario Baluyot in 1987.

Olivia admitted working as a prostitute during in the 1980s, when the U.S. bases were still here. She agreed to be interviewed on condition of anonymity. (Bulatlat.com)

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